DOJ Cryptocurrency Investigations WorkshopTwitter’s new “coins” feature, Top NFT Artists are launching projects on Instagram and selling out in seconds, Beeple teases a new project, Yuga labs new game launch, Nexo under investigation.

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Twitter’s new “coins” feature.

Twitter is developing a ‘Coins’ feature with stripe payments. Twitter’s new Coins feature, as reported by security researcher Jane Manchun Wong will allow users to reward individual tweets with “Awards” using “Coins,” which can be withdrawn at a $50 minimum threshold.

Jane Manchun Wong @wongmjane.

Twitter is working on Coins purchasing screen On the web, Twitter Coins purchase will be done through Stripe.

Jane Manchun Wong @wongmjane.

Here’s the list of Twitter Awards:

6:32 AM ∙ Jan 10, 2023.

421 Likes 138 Retweets.

It is uncertain if Twitter’s Coins will be based on blockchain technology, but it’s possible that crypto could be used as a payment option through Stripe in the future. Stripe began accepting crypto payments last year, and Twitter also experimented with allowing creators to monetize their content using USDC through Stripe on its platform.

Top NFT Artists are launching projects on Instagram and selling out in seconds.

The platform has facilitated successful NFT drops from artists like Micah Johnson, Drifter Shoots and Refik Anadol, bridging the gap between Web2 platforms and Web3 technology. While blockchain natives may have been skeptical of Instagram’s foray into Web3, the platform’s partnership with well-known NFT artists has helped instill confidence across communities. Other popular NFT artists, such as Maliha Abidi and Bobby Hundreds , have used the platform to show off their NFT creations, praising the feature as an accessible way to reach prospective buyers.

Instagram has introduced digital collectibles (NFTs) in a way that appeals to both its mainstream audience and Web3 natives by integrating them into the platform in an organic way. Users can share NFTs in their feed like any other image and there’s also a dedicated tab for invest in nft digital collectibles. Instagram chose the Polygon blockchain to launch its digital collectibles feature, aligning with Polygon’s goal of becoming a “funnel” for Web2 brands to move into Web3.

Beeple teases a new project.

beeple @beeple.

two years later… 03.11.23 🚀🚀🚀

9:00 PM ∙ Jan 12, 2023.

2,513 Likes 285 Retweets.

beeple @beeple.

More details next week.

9:27 PM ∙ Jan 12, 2023.

355 Likes 14 Retweets.

We will be keeping an eye out for this.

Yuga labs new game launch.

The game’s called Dookey Dash . According to the Yuga Labs website, this is the story behind it:

Website Screenshots.

The game is a type of “endless runner” game similar to Temple Run and interest NFT projects Flappy Bird. To play the game, you need a Sewer Pass NFT, and there are no limit to the number of attempts. Holders of BAYC & MAYC tokens can get the pass for free, others will have to purchase it from the secondary market. It’s a game that requires skill and has a global leaderboard. The higher your performance, the greater the rewards. The rewards have yet to be announced by Yuga Labs, but it’s speculated they could be NFTs that can be used in the metaverse, Otherdeeds.

NEXO is under investigation.

Crypto lender Nexo is under investigation in Bulgaria. Nexo, a crypto lending company, had one of its Bulgarian offices searched by prosecutors as part of an investigation into money laundering and other offenses. This action is part of a broader trend of increased scrutiny by global authorities on companies that lend customers’ crypto assets in search of high returns.

At least one person used Nexo to finance terrorism. Crimes include violating international sanctions against Russia during its war with Ukraine. Nexo stated that the authorities were conducting inquiries related to anti-money laundering and taxes about a Bulgarian entity of the company which only has back-office functions like payrolls, customer support, and compliance and it is not customer facing. Regenerate response.

They will be co-operating fully with the Bulgarian authorities.

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