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This editor creates NFT markers for ARTOOLKIT 5.x, and it is part of the efforts to bring NFT tracking to jsartoolkit5 (and eventually projects like AR.js).

Should you have any questions relating to wherever as well as how you can utilize crypto wallet, you can call us at the site. A Node version (preferred) and Web version are provided.

If any errors occours, please, open a issue.

The zft file compresses the iset, fset and fset3 files into one!

Clone this repository. Install all dependencies. npm install Put the image you want inside the app folder. You can just paste it or you can create a folder. e.g markerCreatorAppFolder app.js NftMarkerCreator.min.js IMAGE.PNG ⬅️ .

markerCreatorAppFolder app.js NftMarkerCreator.min.js FOLDER/IMAGE.PNG ⬅️ .

You can use additional flags with the run command.

e.g node app.js -i image.png -level=4 -min_thresh=8.

-zft Flag for creating only the zft file -noConf Disable confirmation after the confidence level -Demo Creates the demo configuration -level=n (n is an integer in range 0 (few) to 4 (many). Default 2.’ -sd_thresh= -max_thresh= -min_thresh= -leveli=n (n is an integer in range 0 (few) to 3 (many). Default 1.’ -feature_density= -dpi=f: Override embedded JPEG DPI value. -max_dpi= -min_dpi= -background Run in background, i.e. as daemon detached from controlling terminal. (macOS and Linux only.) –help -h -? Display this help.

The generated files will be on the “output” folder. (OPTIONAL) You can test your marker using the demo folder! Just run npm run demo . It should open a server at: crypto wallet may make money http://localhost:3000/

If you want to create the demo configuration when you create a marker, add -Demo to the command parameters.

e.g node app.js -i image.png -Demo.

This version is less efficient for images with width and/or height with 1000px or higher.

Advanced options coming soon.

Upload any JPG/PNG image. If the Number of Channels is missing, interest NFT projects it will ask for it. Click the generate button. Choose between ZFT or NFT the iset, fset, fset3 files. The files will be automatically downloaded when the generation finishes.

If you want to generate you own NftMarkerCreator.min.js use the dev branch.


This editor creates NFT markers for ARTOOKIT 5.x.

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