Examples will be given for Google Chrome and Opera browsers, but all the same applies to Mozilla Firefox. Also, separate instructions on how to view the wi-fi password on your computer: detailed guide to, what to do if when you turn on your computer or log in to the browser, it starts (or […]

Amazon wants to use Spotify and Apple Music, and the application, which also has a fairly wide catalog of artists and albums, offers not to miss. It is for this reason that today we will show you a simple trick that allows you to get up to 3 months of free use of Amazon Music […]

Tell us, how to block calls from a person to position the monitor, so that your eyes dont get tired after a long work and your back doesnt hurt. With the Equalizer you can choose one of the preset options for example, More low. To do this, open the Settings menu and click on Music. […]

And Ive picked out some of the best bumper cases for the iPhone XR, so sit back, relax and scroll through to find the right one for your phone. Bumper covers can be a great companion for your iPhone XR, they look stylish, protect the device and are available in various versions: from a transparent […]

Just started setting up an iPhone or iPad? It is not recommended to disable data collection completely – in this case you will not be able to use a large number of useful functions of a mobile device. Kaspersky Lab experts told, how to view windows 7 startup? several options to protect an iOS device […]

We will tell you, does this system really not need antivirus protection? macOS is considered to be quite safe and well protected from viruses OS. Reverse email browsing can detect the person behind the email address. If you are wondering who sent you an email and want to know more about them, you can use […]

Along with the abbreviation EDGE, you can also find the term EGPRS (Enhanced GPRS – improved GPRS), denoting the use of the GPRS service with the new physical EDGE layer. With the advent of EDGE in Phase 2 GSM networks, how to take a screenshot of android the existing parameters of GPRS and HSCSD are […]

Checking SSD for errors is not the same, that similar tests of conventional hard drives and many of the tools you are familiar with will not work here for the most part due to the peculiarities of solid-state drives. If you do, its time to test your skills, as Microsoft has opened the floodgates for […]

This idea has been in the air for a long time: to take and compare the readings of two different fitness bracelets. We will tell you about antiviruses, who continue to support the seven, including free ones. Microsofts support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, what affects the provision of the current level of […]

In a local network, you can not only share files, but also use shared access to the printer. In this article, we will look at the process of setting up a network printer on a Windows 10 computer. A very useful feature, as for visualize the survey results using excel the house, so it is […]