An outside audit like the one in Arizona’s Maricopa County has never happened in Florida. The Michigan Conservative Coalition organized a rally outside the Antrim County administrative building on the eve of Elsenheimer’s ruling. LANSING, Mich. (AP) – The Michigan Republican Party filed a complaint with the state on Friday over Gov. Allegations of fraud have been exhaustively litigated, investigated, and debunked over the past seven months. Per a cursory review of the work of these teams, which is limited, we have come across no audits where these auditors ever claimed differences between the results of the election. Phase 5 polling for the West Bengal Election 2021 will be held on April 17. Ahead of the phase 5 polling, PM Narendra Modi and Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee will hold three rallies in the state. Who will win the White House? Which party will win the House? Who will win Pennsylvania? None of this can be taken as determinative about the overall results in Pennsylvania or in the country as a whole. A delegation of Pennsylvania election integrity lawmakers met with forensic experts and local legislators in Maricopa, Arizona, to tour the audit floor where the results of the 2020 General Election are being evaluated.

Liz Howard, who helped with the audit and serves as senior counsel for the Brennan Center’s Democracy Program, testified at a House State Government Committee meeting last month that the pilot served as a test run to get constructive feedback from the election officials who are tasked with conducting it. The reality of American life for the past four years is that Trump barely won the White House, it took less than a month for a majority of the country to disapprove of his presidency, and that has hardly ever changed. So, for Trump and his supporters it doesn’t matter that his approval rating has been about 10 points under water for the entirety of his presidency, or that he’s never once taken the lead in head-to-head national polls, or even once been within 3 points of Joe Biden, or that Biden has led in nearly every swing state, week after week, month after month. The ballots are back inside Veterans Memorial Coliseum after the facility was used for high school graduation ceremonies last week.

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Meanwhile, the ultraviolet light the so-called auditors are using may be damaging ballots. 1. Recounts for all in person votes cast on election day including provisional ballots. A post-election audit checks that the equipment and procedures used to count votes during an election worked properly, and that the election yielded the correct outcome. That, combined with PTSD from the outcome of the 2016 race, has left us prone to self-doubt. Leaders of the audit and recount, ordered by the Republican-led state Senate, have used press conferences and Twitter to direct individuals to a website operated by The American Project, a Florida-based nonprofit. It is highly probable that the people conducing the recount will get a different total during each recount, but have no chance of determining if and where errors were made along the way to achieving the final result. Which party will win the Senate? Who will win the Senate race in Montana? Who will win the Senate race in North Carolina?

If I go a half-hour further, the Trump signs will dominate. It’s just a mirage concocted by the president’s opponents – a competing narrative that isn’t truer than the account put forth by the Trump campaign. Just look at how many thousands of people are showing up for the president’s rallies in swing state after swing state! Look at how many Trump supporters stopped traffic in solidly blue New York and New Jersey on Sunday afternoon with their imposing-looking trucks! The Trump era has been a deranging time – and not least because the president practices a perspectival form of politics. I encourage you to read the article; it supports the case that the Democrats cheated – big time. So we’re expected to believe that a guy who won last time by a grand total of 80,000 votes scattered across three states when he was almost 4 points behind in national polls is now going to win when he’s more than 8 points behind in national polls? Sure, that could happen. “Six affidavits now, we had four, now it’s six. It’s Round 74 of the Post Pundit 2020 Power Ranking, and barring a meteor strike, extraterrestrial invasion or unexpected constitutional cataclysm, we made it!

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